Origin of Abkhasian Culture


To attain the age of a 100 is no exception, but what is even more remarkable is the amazingly good health and physical strength of these elderly people, enabling them to live a full, happy life, which includes a day's work in the fields.

The Abkhasians attribute their good health and longevity to their daily intake of this yoghurt that have been manufactured in the traditional way for centuries. This is where unique GERO yoghurt originates from.

Researchers were determined to discover the Abkhasians' secret. Ukrainian and American physiologists, gerontologists, microbiologists and anthropologists went to Abkhasia during 1978 - 1981 to establish the reason for the longevity of the local people. It was not easy to ascertain the exact age and state of health of the old people, as they naturally tended to boast about both.

This special yoghurt is made from a unique culture of lactic acid bacteria, and the presence of these bacteria in the digestive system of the elderly Abkhasians was so high that it weakened and destroyed other pathogenic organisms in the gut that may cause disease.

The Ukrainian Research Institute in Kiev isolated these lactic acid bacteria from the yoghurts and developed a special culture called "Abkhasian culture".
Where does Gero come from ?

IMAGINE...... ... a place where people live the good life and are healthy and strong, often even at the golden age of 120! ...

The place is Abkhasia, a region lying between the Black Sea and the Caucasus Mountains where a local, traditional yoghurt is an important part of the daily diet.

In Abkhasia, situated between the Caucasus Mountains and the Black Sea, in the former Soviet Union, the people generally live to an old age.

Unique properties of Abkhasian Culture

Although most commercially-produced yoghurts are beneficial to health, the rare culture found in Abkhasia has special bacterial strains and properties.

Gero is made under licence from Dairy Gold International (Pty) Ltd and is the only product on the market in South Africa made with the unique Abkhasian culture.

These beneficial micro-organisms inhibit entero-pathogenic or "bad" bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract.

According to studies, the yoghurt is found to reduce serum cholesterol and blood sugar levels when taken regularly, and it has significant nutritional value and anti-oxidant properties.